About our company
     Private Tourist-Sport Production-Commercial Company Vahintour
     Private Tourist-Sport Production-Commercial Company Vahintour was founded on April 13, 1993 in Lviv. Main direction of company activity was sport tourism and trade in the first years of existence.
     From 1996 the building of cellular communication networks has been started in Western Ukraine. The employers- sport tourism and mountaineering instructors were easily retrained to be assemblers-steeplejacks, and the company occupied a niche in the field of industrial mountaineering. They performed works on assembling of aerial devices, Dillboards, works on steel construction protection from corrosion and restoration works in hard-to-reach places with complex architecture.
     In 1999 the company obtained a right to build network of cellular communication for the Lviv branch of CJSC Kyivstar GSM that is main direction of Vahintour activity now. From 1999 till 2005 only for Kyivstar GSM they built more than 1000 base stations. Except for cooperation with Kyivstar GSM the company provides services in building of the base and retranslator stations of mobile and radio communication, cable television to such famous companies as Ukrainian Mobile Communication, Ukrainian wave, Velton-Telecom Ltd, DSS Astelite, Golden Telecom Ltd and Beeline.
     Today the company employs 150 workers. The production base is land plot of 1,2 ha, production spaces over 3000 sq. m, office spaces over 350 sq. m, 38 units of motor transport.
     In 2005 the company purchased land plot with the area of 1 ha at Lviv outskirts, where for the short term they built and put into service three arch buildings with the general area of 1500 sq. m. These spaces comprise central storac facilities where materials and products are stored.
     The power of Vahintour enables to produce over 50 containers for the base stations of mobile communication, 800 running meters of mast, 3000 running meters of fence and many other steel constructions a month necessary for building of the base stations. The production range of the company extends constantly. So, in 2005 they launched production of compatible aerial towers with the height of 40-80 m, mastered technology of production and assembling of foundation for mixed reinforced concrete guy masts. In 2006 they designed technology and purchase necessary equipment for assembling of aerial devices on the base of reinforced-concrete pole CK26,2 -1,0; this building became very popular among operators of mobile communication today.
     Vahintour is responsible for maintenance of the base stations. Today it maintains 960 such stations, where the workers provide complex of works directed in support of reliability and safe work of the station two times a year. In 2005 the company obtained certificate that quality management system on production and building of the base stations of mobile communication in Vahintour meets requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2001.
     In 2004 Vahintour started works on building of own tourist camps in the picturesque corners of Carpathians in Skhidnytsya village, Lviv Region and Lazeshchyna village, Transcarpathian Region.
     The building of tourist camp in Skhidnytsya village is planned to finish in first half of 2007. This is 40 comfortable single and double rooms, sport ground, swimming pool and complex of water procedures, solarium, trainer hall, mountain-skier slope with artificial coverage, pump-room; in fact there are over 20 mineral springs, children ground restaurant, cafe and bar in Skhidnytsya village.
     The collective hopes that a camp will attract attention of supporters of active rest in Carpathian Mountains. After pu nto service of tourist camp in Skhidnytsya village Vahintour will go back to operate in tourism sphere. It is necessary to notice that store of tourist equipment Vahintour has been operating in Lviv since 2000 offering vide choice of sport equipment for mountaineerinq and sport tourism.